High school students from Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream and Puente del Pueblo spent their spring break visiting colleges on the annual college tour, as part of the College Opportunity Program. The 23 students and 7 adults toured Memphis College of Art, Louisiana State University, University of Houston, and Dallas Christian College. Students also enjoyed fun outings including laser tag, dinners at local restaurants and the beach.

According to Gigi Nyesoah, high school and college programs coordinator, multiple students said they could see themselves applying to at least one of the schools. LSU seemed to be the most popular followed by University of Houston, Dallas and Memphis.

When asked if he would attend a tour again, one student wrote, “Yes, because not only did it help with college, it helped with friendships.” Another wrote, “Yes, because it’s a valuable experience many kids don’t get to have at our age.” Another wrote, “Yes, because my family doesn’t really travel out of state. So this experience will let me see lots of colleges.”

When asked what her favorite part of the tour was, one student wrote, “I loved seeing the colleges! The tour gave me feelings of excitement and I can’t wait to go to college.”

The College Opportunity Program (COP) removes the barriers that prevent promising young students who come from struggling family or financial circumstances from seeking higher education. COP is a holistic college assistance program consisting of two components: college preparation for high school students (Student Achievement Leadership Program) and college scholarships and support.