Some special visitors have been bringing extra smiles to Older Adults Program participants this spring.

On March 3, youth from Outreach Community Center’s (OCC) junior high Superb Student Program (SSP) served the older adults lunch at their bi-monthly Lunch ‘n Learn. The kids set everything up, brought the older adults lunch, cleaned plates, served dessert and cleaned up afterwards. Also, each student sat at a table and asked older adults questions from when they were in school such as who their favorite teacher was, what their favorite subject was, or if they could describe a memory of from one of their dances. “There were a lot of great conversations and stories,” says Chantel Gamboa, OCC Junior High Program coordinator. “The older adults really appreciated the SSP being there with them and the students did a good job of asking the questions.”

Later in March, second-graders from Wheaton Christian Grammar School visited OCC and spent the morning serving the older adults at their next Lunch ‘n Learn. Students served the meal, offered beverages throughout the lunch, served dessert, cleared the tables, and finished up with 30 minutes of entertainment, complete with poetry, songs and scripture recitations. Part of the group also prepared party-favor bags with useful items and treats accompanied by sweet notes of encouragements for the seniors.

According to Marissa Sabio, Older Adults Program activities coordinator, two of the students recognized an older adult as their former Awana teacher. “Many hugs were exchanged and photos taken, as the older adults  and the children were clearly happy to spend the morning together,” she says. “We are glad the Older Adults Program was part of the mutually beneficial multi-generational exchange this month.”