Pictured: Linda Anderson (left) and Laina Stilwell (right)

What’s the best part about volunteering at Jubilee Furniture? Laina Stilwell can’t decide. “I like furniture and do-it-yourself projects,” she says. “I can volunteer once a month and make it fit in my schedule perfectly. Plus, I can hang out with my friends!”

The biggest benefit, of course, is the fact that she’s helping the ministries of Outreach. All proceeds from the furniture resale store support the services of Outreach Community Ministries. And clients don’t only benefit from the salesthey often shop the store to find quality furniture at affordable prices.

The Perfect Fit

Laina has supported Outreach in numerous ways, including table hosting at the annual Hearts of Grace Women’s luncheon, for 20 years. She always wanted to volunteer in some capacity, but finding time between kids, work, church and other responsibilities made it challenging.

“I didn’t want to volunteer to be a tutor or mentor and then not be able to follow through,” she says. “Volunteering with Jubilee Furniture is the perfect fit for me. I can still interact with Outreach’s clients and strive to meet their needs.”

Linda Anderson, another supporter of Outreach, agrees with Laina. “I love Outreach because it’s done so much for our community,” she says. “I’ve wanted to volunteer but was busy with my kids who were growing up. Well, now they’re grown, and Jubilee Furniture provides a wonderful opportunity to start giving back.” 

Fun with Friends

Linda and Laina aren’t just fellow volunteers—they’re buddies. “It’s fun to work with your friends,” says Laina. “There is flexibility to schedule together. So besides playing tennis together, we can also see each other when we serve at Jubilee.”

Laina and Linda encourage others to get out and volunteer at Jubilee Furniture, as well. “It’s something you can do with a group. You can work together,” says Linda. “It’s for an amazing cause, and it’s a good time.”