Project Description

We have quite a few bedroom pieces in white wicker to choose from.   Each piece is sold separately and all pieces are in very good condition.. First, a vanity, bench and mirror. The vanity has a glass top. Vanity is 30″w x 19″D x 30″H, the mirror is 24″W x 36″H, the bench is 21″W x 13″D x 19″H.  Second, a tall bookcase, 21″W x 12″D x 74″H. Third, a trunk, 36″W x 21″D x 21″H. Fourth, a dresser 54″L x 17″D x 34″H. Fifth, a Pier One dresser 60″L x 25″D x 33″H. Lastly, a nightstand 18″W x 16″D x 25″H.

Price: Vanity, mirror and bench $85.00. Tall bookcase $85.00.  Trunk $33.00.  Dresser $85.00. Pier One dresser $54.25. Nightstand $19.25.