In mid-November, York Community Resource Center hosted a Thanksgiving potluck for the families in their elementary and junior high programs. More than 90 people attended, which was a record number for a family event at the center. Some of the elementary students shared about things they were thankful for:

“I am thankful for my parents because they help me with my homework.” -Saul, 3rd grade

“I am thankful for everyone being here, and for the food to share.” -Henry, 1st grade

Meredith Muir, elementary program coordinator, says the Thanksgiving potluck is one of her favorite events the year. “It’s a time when all of our families can come together, share food from the various cultures and backgrounds represented here at the resource center, and build a deeper sense of shared community,” she says. She adds: “And the food all the families bring is incredible!”

York Community Resource Center youth programs for elementary and junior high students combine academic performance, recreation and life skills activities. Academic assistance gives students the educational foundation they need and life skills classes teach students decision-making strategies, the importance of self-control, effective strategies for resolving conflict and how to succeed in life. Students also take part in community service projects.