Veggies and dip. Popcorn. Granola bars. Fruit. Cookies. Nothing fancy—just snacks you’d bring to a Bible study or make for your kids. But for members of Grace Church of DuPage who bring snacks to WYFS‘s Quest program, snacks have become more than food.

“Snacks are our ministry,” says Jean Worley, who heads up the Quest snacks committee. “Grace Church families provide snacks to Quest kids as a practical expression of Christ’s love.” The church takes this task seriously. There’s a system to ensure each day is covered, and everyone pitches in. “Each Adult Bible Fellowship and Ladies Bible Study from Grace Church is responsible to provide snacks on a given weekday,” says Jean. “Church families sign up to bring a snack through one of these groups.” Reminder emails are sent the week prior, and snacks are distributed daily through the church office.

Jean continues, “It’s our joy to love the Quest kids in Jesus name throughout each school year. As Jesus said in Mark 9:37, ‘Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me.’”

For Angela Mains, Director of WYFS, the best part of Grace Church’s service is that it introduces the Quest students to the people of the church. “We let the students know who provide the snacks so they understand that Grace Church is more than just a building,” she says. “It is the people from within the church who are reaching out to them.”