Journey of Hope
Meet Dan

Meet Dan

Dan is 38 years old. Recently divorced, his two daughters live with him. Dan was recently injured on the job and is on disability. He is depressed and anxious about parenting his daughters as they move through adolescence. Dan can only afford $5 per session for a counselor.

Dan is one of more than 30,000 adults county-wide who suffer from untreated mental health illness.

Meet Michael

Meet Michael

Michael is 21 years old, a high school graduate with lower than average grades. He has been in and out of part-time jobs. He cannot decide what to do for a career, and he has lost hope that he will be able to find a full-time job and live independently or support a family.

Michael needs an on-ramp to a career. He has a great personality and can be trusted, but he needs help with employment skills.

Michael represents more than 5,000 young adults who need access to career opportunities at local corporations.

Meet Toni & Lisa

Meet Toni & Lisa

Toni, 14, and Lisa, 12, both attend a local middle school. They live with their mother who is seldom home, working two part-time jobs to cover her rent. $200 per month in child support is stretched to cover all other expenses. Toni and Lisa live in fear – of moving for the fifth time in seven years, failure at school and their future.

Toni and Lisa are two of more than 3,000 at-risk children who live in one of the five neighborhoods Outreach serves.

Meet Steven

Meet Steven

Steven is 20 years old. He just returned to the community from a mental health facility after a serious breakdown. He was not prepared for life as a young adult. Steven is staying temporarily with a family from his church – returning home was not an option. He is unemployed and homeless. He needs a safe place to live, plus holistic support to work toward independence.

This resource for young men in DuPage County is in short supply, and none are faith-based.

Hope for Tomorrow

The primary goal of the JOURNEY OF HOPE is to better position Outreach Community Ministries and the local church to meet expanding community needs in DuPage County.

The most ambitious in the ministry’s history, the $7.5 million campaign will improve and provide strategic facilities, expand annual capacity to serve hundreds of additional youth and families, focus efforts to serve the Church through compassion ministries, strengthen the endowment for scholarships and program support and secure the organization’s long-term future in DuPage County.

The future of Outreach rests in the hands of those who are called to make a sacrificial investment in the JOURNEY OF HOPE because of their conviction in the mission – to restore hope and provide opportunities for those who are vulnerable to become all that God intends them to be – and their confidence in the organization’s strategic programs, kingdom-building ministries and history of wise stewardship.

The Outreach Community Ministries Board of Trustees is fervent about seeking God’s wisdom and hand of blessing on its mission to restore hope and provide opportunities for people to be all God intends them to be. The JOURNEY OF HOPE lays out our vision for meeting the pressing needs of our most vulnerable neighbors. On behalf of the board, I invite you to explore our campaign initiatives and ask God how He would have you partner with Outreach in this endeavor.
Ben Fulton, President, Outreach Community Ministries Board of Trustees

Neighborhood Transformation

Vision >> To strengthen families and develop youth in every DuPage County neighborhood where families are vulnerable and children are at risk.

Strengthen Families >> Outreach will increase capacity to annually serve 300 additional youth and families. New Youth and Family Life Counselors will minister to high-risk juveniles at Wheaton Youth Outreach (WYO), serve families in crisis and the Hispanic community at Warrenville Youth & Family Services (WYFS) and increase care for adults with untreated mental illness at Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream (OCC).

Develop Youth >> Add a Youth Pastor and College Coach at OCC to intensify spiritual formation with 100+ junior high, senior high and college students. Successful Outreach programs will be replicated at WYFS for junior high students: the after school, summer school and mentoring programs.

If resources permit, implement college preparation, summer employment and Christian club programs for high school students at WYO and WYFS.

Safe Haven for Homeless Youth

Vision >> To lead in the development of Christian community housing, serving both the transitional housing needs of young adults and the more permanent, supportive housing needs of young families and young adults.

Transitional Housing Centers >> Develop a new transitional housing center for homeless young men at Jubilee Village.

Safe housing within a Christian community life setting, plus on-site support services, will help residents achieve independence within 12-24 months. Capacity at Jubilee Village will increase by 8-10 beds for formerly homeless young men.

If resources permit, establish a more permanent, supportive housing center for young families with school age children and young adults with special needs. Capacity at Jubilee Village will increase by another 12 adult residents and up to 12 children.

To Train a New Generation

Vision >> To lead DuPage County in the creation of Employment Opportunity Centers serving young adults on the margins of today’s workforce.

Employment Opportunity Centers >> Establish the first employment training center at Jubilee Furniture in Carol Stream. Participants will receive
classroom training and on-site work experience to prepare them for apprenticeships with the center’s corporate partners. Capacity will begin with 25 students per year, increasing to full capacity of 50-65 students annually.

After the successful program launch, property improvements will include bringing the facility up to current building standards and creating additional warehouse space and hands-on training stations.

If resources permit, the permanent facility will be built on site, providing classrooms, offices and a gathering space. This resource center will provide students and alumni advanced training; support services; spiritual formation; and a place for volunteers, role models, teachers and mentors to connect with young adults. As interest emerges, a faith community will be developed.

To Provide for the Future

Vision >> To secure the future of Outreach and ensure that, in partnership with the Church, there is capacity for a presence in every DuPage County neighborhood where vulnerable children and families live.

Outreach Ministry Endowment >> Secure a Lead Matching Challenge to develop a community of supporters committed to the future of Outreach by establishing a robust endowment for ministry.

Scholarships >> Increase the Youth Development Endowment for college, career and transitional housing scholarships. Increase the Family Life Endowment for scholarships for mental health, family case management and spiritual formation services. These Funds will equip Outreach to replicate these ministries where needed in DuPage County.

Compassion Ministry Center>> Launch the Compassion Ministry Center to build the capacity of the Church to put its faith into action through service to the community. The Center would consult with, train and partner with local churches to establish holistic compassion ministries.

New Youth & Families Served
New Youth Men & Families Served
New Students Served
New Scholarships Endowed

Ways to Engage

There are many ways to engage with the priorities of the JOURNEY OF HOPE. Which Outreach ministry best matches your own stewardship journey? How will you invest in your area of passion? JOURNEY OF HOPE initiatives provide immediate, next-step solutions that require radical generosity, and stretch goals that open the door for creative gift-giving opportunities.

Giving Goals

InitiativeCampaign Goal
Neighborhood Transformation

  • Strengthening Families
  • Developing Youth
$ 2,230,000
Transitional Housing Centers

  • Transitional Housing for Young Men
  • Transitional Housing for Young Families
$ 1,620,000
Train a New Generation

  • Phase 1: Launch Employment Center
  • Phase 2: Program Development
$ 3,150,000
Provide for the Future

  • Outreach Ministry Endowment
  • Scholarships
  • Compassion Ministry Center
$    500,000
Total$ 7,500,000

Pathway to Giving

Generous giving is an integral part of our spiritual journey and our prayer is that you will find joy in giving back what the Lord has abundantly given. We hope you will use this guide in determining your investment in the JOURNEY OF HOPE.

Pray and seek God to lead you in this journey. Ask if He is placing on your heart a call to sacrificial giving in a particular initiative of the JOURNEY OF HOPE.
Determine your area of passion for investment or consider an undesignated gift to be applied to the highest priority. Outreach relies on faithful annual gifts to strengthen day-to-day programming. Please include your ongoing annual gift commitment when making your JOURNEY OF HOPE gift decision.
Think about a multi-year commitment that best suits your stewardship plans. JOURNEY OF HOPE is about vision and where God is calling Outreach Community Ministries in the years ahead. Gifts that span several years will increase the impact of your investment.
Consider creative ideas like gifts of appreciated stock or property; or make a simple adjustment to your estate plan that includes Outreach. If you have already included Outreach in your estate plans, let us know so we can discuss how your gift can benefit the JOURNEY OF HOPE and help launch an estate planning culture at Outreach!
The tenets on which Outreach Community Ministries was founded are rooted in Kingdom principles from financial and ministerial to leadership and giving. As new horizons and expanded ministries are explored through the JOURNEY OF HOPE, you are invited to join the dialogue. Pray with us. Give as the Lord leads. Partner with us. Encourage others to listen to the vision of Outreach. The JOURNEY OF HOPE provides a pathway to restoration and a hope-filled future for our most vulnerable neighbors. What a privilege to participate in this transformative effort.
Scott Thompson, Co-Chair, JOURNEY OF HOPE
Outreach Community Ministries is uniquely positioned to meet the escalating issues of unemployment and homelessness in DuPage County. For over thirty years, Outreach’s programs have restored hope and provided a new way forward for those we serve in overcoming difficult circumstance. Helping find the way to responsible living and good citizenship is what we do best. Activating the new Employment Opportunity Center will strengthen us in equipping unprepared young adults with the basic skills and disciplines the workplace demands. Helping these young people into responsible, productive employment not only helps those we serve. DuPage neighbors and its civic and business leaders also benefit from this investment through a safer, more prosperous community and a stronger workforce.
Jamie Fellowes, Co-Chair, JOURNEY OF HOPE
The inspiration for our ministry at Outreach is to bring glory to God. We accomplish this mission when we show compassion for others through strategies based on scriptural principles. Outreach has a long-term commitment to transformation that allows people to take responsibility for their own lives. Further, we are committed to carrying out our mission in partnership with the local church. For this reason, Outreach relies on church leaders and lay volunteers to serve and give. DuPage County needs Outreach—with its Christ-centered approach to ministry—as we care for those in crisis and provide opportunities for spiritual growth, character development and discovery of each person’s future potential.
Mark Taylor, Co-Chair, JOURNEY OF HOPE