Transitional Housing Centers


Current transitional housing resources in DuPage County provide for less than 30% of the daily need for homeless teens, young adults, young families (children ages 1-10), refugees and young adults returning from residential facilities (treatment centers, mental health institutions, armed services and prison).

  • 1,000 teens and young adults ages 17-25 become homeless each year when family housing fails or they return from residential care.
  • Each year, more than 6,000 families in communities where Outreach serves face an unexpected crisis that places their housing and employment at risk.
  • Outreach estimates 200+ additional transitional housing beds are needed for all age groups. 100 more beds are needed for young adults ages 17-25.

Current affordable and supportive rental units for families with modest incomes and adults who are disabled meet less than 20% of the need.

  • Many families with modest incomes routinely pay more than 60% of their monthly take-home income in rent.
  • The supply of affordable housing for eligible families is short by at least 5,000 units.
  • The waiting list for DuPage Housing Vouchers is typically 5-7 years.



Outreach will lead the development of Christian community housing. New transitional housing centers will provide wrap-around, supportive services on-site to help individuals and families work towards financial independence. New permanent, supportive housing will provide for the needs of young families and the disabled who are socially vulnerable.


Serving as many as 20 YOUNG MEN each year



Steven is 20 years old. He just returned to the community from a mental health facility after a serious breakdown. He was not prepared for life as a young adult. Steven is staying temporarily with a family from his church – returning home was not an option. He is unemployed and homeless. He needs a safe place to live, plus holistic support to work toward independence. This resource for young men in DuPage County is in short supply, and none are faith-based.



Tisia is 38 with two children enrolled in District 200. Recently, she was diagnosed with COPD – soon she will be fully disabled. She will become homeless if she decides to leave a troubled relationship. She has large debts, no family and no support system. Tisia represents more than 3,000 families in DuPage County who are one crisis away from homelessness.



Trevor grew up in Wheaton. He is re-entering the community after his first stay in prison. He is a transformed man, but employment and housing are hard to find. So is Christian community. Trevor and Steven represent more than 500 adults who return to DuPage County each year from prison or a mental health center without employment or a place to live.





FIRST STEP ∙ Establish an 8-unit transitional housing center for young men at Jubilee Village. This will add capacity for up to 10 residents at a time, and the program will serve between 15 and 20 young men each year. Safe and secure housing within a Christian community life setting, plus onsite support services, will help residents achieve independence within 9-24 months.


NEXT STEP ∙ Establish a transitional housing center for young families. If resources permit, we will develop a similar center at Jubilee Village for young families with school age children. This step would add capacity for up to 12 parents and between 10 and 12 children.


BIG IDEA ∙ Endow a land trust to purchase properties in DuPage County for future development of permanent, affordable and supportive housing within a Christian community life setting for adults who are emotionally and socially disabled.



Transitional Housing: Facilities                                                                     $1,200,000

Transitional Housing Center for Young Men: Operations                  $ 200,000/yr



Transitional Housing Center for Families: Operations                          $ 125,000/yr