Puente del Pueblo students have been enjoying horseback riding lessons at a local horse ranch, thanks to Rich and Cheryl Gallian of Wheaton Bible Church. Rachelle Wistrand, Puente del Pueblo Volunteer Coordinator, says the Gallians offered this opportunity to Puente students following Wheaton Bible’s Missions Fest last fall. “The guest speaker on our Missions Fest Local Sunday, Amy Sherman, encouraged us to use our vocation to serve others in our community,” says Rachelle. “The Gallians contacted me immediately after to offer their horse ranch to Puente.”

Elementary, middle school and high school students have all participated and made separate trips to the horse ranch. Rich and Cheryl made sure each group had a fun, educational day by showing them how to groom horses, letting them pick out a horse to ride, and then leading the students on horseback around the ring. After a bit of training, students were also allowed to ride horses by themselves. Mark DeMoulin, 5th grade teacher at Puente del Pueblo, said the kids had a lot of fun.


The 5th grade class from Puente del Pueblo is pictured.