The Jubilee Neighborhood School Program at Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream is enjoying a full schedule of fun and educational events this fall!

In celebration of Mission and Heritage Week at Colony Park apartments, the residents took up a collection to provide costumes for students in the JNS program and hosted a trick or treat time at the Colony Park complex. “Parents were so happy to give their child a costume and a safe place for treats,” says Mary Lundeen, Jubilee Neighborhood School Program Coordinator.

The OCC middle school program led a “Fun Friday” event for JNS students on Oct. 30. “This was a great opportunity for the middle school students to step into leadership and creativity,” says Mary. The event featured crafts, games and activities during program time.

Parents of JNS tutoring students were invited to a meet and greet with their students’ tutors in early November. The tutors and students decorated invitations together. According to Mary, tutors are getting to know their students and enjoyed connecting with their parents during the visit.

Other updates:

  • An exciting new element to the program is the addition of reading helpers. “These volunteers are able to meet with students just to focus on reading with them and practicing learning sounds,” Mary says. “It has been very beneficial for our younger students to get the one-on-one attention necessary when practicing reading.” The program currently needs more tutors and reading helpers. Find out more about volunteering!
  • Friday special clubs are running well. This year the students are choosing one of the following activities: soccer, sculpture, crafts, music, dance, art or a mix.
  • In Christian education, students are learning about Jesus our Good Shepherd. Students are enjoying the presentations on Fridays and the classroom teacher is able to review and lead small group discussions and activities during the week. Students are engaged in learning about a Heavenly Father who loves them and knows them by name.
  • Recently, the program took in a student on a recommendation of a teacher. She needed help in reading; her parents do not read in English so she receives no reading at home. “We were able to enroll this student and assign her a new tutor once a week,” says Mary. “She will also visit with our reading helper once a week. We are in contact with her teacher already and are looking forward to seeing her reading improve over the school year.”