OCC OAP Art Class (23)Congratulations to Gen Unger, a participant in OCC’s Older Adults Program, on placing 3rd in the Midwest Affordable Housing Management Association (MAHMA) annual art and poster contest! The contest’s theme was, “Our Hands Are United, Reach Out and Be a Good Neighbor.” Gen submitted work she created at the older adults Tuesday Activity Group (TAG), a weekly meeting lead by Marissa Sabio, Older Adults Activities Coordinator, at Colony Park apartments in Carol Stream. TAG includes activities such as art lessons, craft classes and field trips.

According to Marissa, Gen Unger is an active participant at TAG and the monthly “Art with Ruth” classes (run by volunteer Ruth Cleghorn), and she always invites neighbors and fellow residents to the group. “A former florist, she likes to use big, bold colors and is always creative with her use of materials,” says Marissa. “Sometimes her hands shake, which makes it challenging when a project calls for fine-motor skills such as cutting, beading or small-brush painting, but I modify as much as possible.” Marissa says the group always helps and encourages one another, and they tell stories and listen to music while making their projects.

“Gen brings good humor to the group and is always up for a creative challenge,” she adds. “We celebrate her artistic success and are glad that others have recognized her good work.”