On the cold, blustery Saturday of March 24th, 50 parents and children ventured outdoors to participate in the annual OCC-Villagebrook Egg Hunt. Almost 1000 brightly colored eggs were hidden around the Outreach classroom and Villagebrook grounds for enthusiastic seekers, who located the treats in no time. Six special eggs were also hidden in the mix, allowing the finder to redeem them for a bigger prize.

Indoor activities included crafts such as coloring, making bunnies from plastic spoons, and decorating paper bags to take home all the candy loot. Outreach staff Mary Lundeen and Marissa Sabio hosted the event in conjunction with Villagebrook Community Council and Teen Council members. Marissa remarks, “It was a lot of work for an event that turned out to go by very quickly, but it was a lot of fun seeing the parents come out to help their little ones with the hunt.”

“Besides hosting an on-site cultural event, I was glad to be able to provide the time and space just to color, enjoy snacks, and make simple crafts with their kids,” she continues. “I just hope next year the weather will be better!”