As the culmination of their cooking classes, Outreach-Villagebrook students prepared and served dinner to their parents and families, an impressive feat performed under the instruction of Ms. Linda, the University of Illinois Extension Educator.

Showing off their new kitchen skills, some students were placed in charge of making soup, salad, and cornbread; others prepared placemats and set tables.  Lead Teacher Mary Lundeen and Program Coordinator Marissa Sabio helped serve, along with former summer Classroom Aide Anne Hutchinson and current Program Intern Phil Stepnowski.

Thanks to the hard work of the talented kids in the Outreach-Villagebrook classroom, over 30 people spent an enjoyable evening getting acquainted over a simple meal made by the young chefs.  Every participant went home with a calendar containing recipes that the students and their families are encouraged to test out together, including that evening’s soup recipe.  Marissa remarked, “The U of I Extension Educators have been a wonderful partner of Outreach in various programs over the years, and we look forward to continuing to work together to teach and empower our kids and families through their good work.”