The Older Adults Program Christmas party was held at First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton on Friday, December 18. The event was hosted by First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton and Gary United Methodist Church, with additional volunteers from First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn, Jericho Road Church and Blanchard Alliance Church. A total of 150 older adults participated and 40 volunteers provided the food and served at the event. Older adults were given a $30 Jewel gift card, three food storage containers and a hand-crafted coaster created by a women’s group at First Presbyterian Church of Glen Ellyn. Music was provided by the Elizabethans.

Some older adults shared what the Christmas party and the Older Adults Program means to them:

“I always come to the Christmas party, I want to come for the camaraderie and I’m really happy with all the people around. It’s so important, it makes me feel so good, it uplifts my spirits.”

“The food is excellent.”

“Outreach really helps people, and they reach out to people to see what they need. People don’t have to beg, or be insulted or embarrassed. The staff makes the call and asks, ‘What do you need?’ and says, ‘We’ll be there for you.’ And I think that’s really God’s blessing.”

“I came today for the free meal and the good company. There’s several people who are strangers to me, and many familiar faces. We have lost many people over the years, and that’s hard, but it’s good to see all the people here. People here gel together, as you can see.”