Danish Mid-Modern Cabinet (2 piece)

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Hallo, zie de prachtige moderne kast! (Dutch to English translation: Hello, come see this modern cabinet!). Straight from Danish sensibilities we have encountered this massive two-piece cabinet with enough storage to stuff your entire house into. A lovely yellow oak wood makes up the whole piece with sliding drawers, wide-swinging

Modern Grey Desk


Can you truly believe it? We're sitting pretty on 3, count 'em, 3 gorgeous grey desks. Balanced on chrome legs with chrome hardware, this neutral desk goes with everything and up for any task or challenge you can throw at it. When was the last time you upgraded from the stodgy

Vintage Oak File-Cabinet

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Crafted using wood from the sturdy oak, this filing cabinet will withstand the longest passage of time. 3 spacious drawers meant originally for hanging files, feel free to upcycle this piece into storage for books, memories, photos, candles- whatever you need on a daily basis can now be found with

Walnut Dillingham Cabinet

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Constructed as a solid piece from walnut and glass, the Dillingham cabinet is unmistakable. Your precious heirloom China needs a proper display and your library of 1st editions cannot simply be stacked on the floor. Hence, the Dillingham! What a bargain (sells for >$1000) for a veritable lifetime of potential usage

Marble Top Dresser

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A beautiful marble slab tops this old-fashioned dresser with three vertical drawers. Unlock said drawers with a burnished skeleton key provided and you'll find early farmhouse quality interiors and ample space within a narrow frame. It's terribly solid and aged spectacularly well. Run your fingers across the speckled marble and breathe in its

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