The Christmas Store at Puente del Pueblo, held on Saturday, December 12, 2015 at Community Fellowship Church. This year’s store served 200 families, including 585 children! Puente del Pueblo’s Christmas Store is an opportunity for families to purchase new donated gifts at discounted prices so that they can share an affordable Christmas celebration with their children. Total store sales for 2015 were $4,920.50, up 14% from 2014.

Thank you to Wheaton Bible Church, Iglesia del Pueblo and Community Fellowship Church; the 211 volunteers who together contributed 962 hours; and all churches, sponsors and individuals who donated gifts. All proceeds will go to Puente’s adult literacy program.


Flor and Vincent: First-Time Shoppers

“This is our first time at the store. We learned about it from the school, our children participate in Axel’s soccer ministry. Thank you to the church for this community service. Thank you—these prices are so good, we can get what we need for our kids. There is a difference when we work as community, and we can feel the blessing.”

Veronica: A Divine Appointment

“I’ve lived in West Chicago for about eight years. My son is twelve years old, and he has been asking me for an iPod for years. I always have to tell him no. He needs other things, like a winter coat, and iPods are so expensive. I was scheduled for the last shopping appointment today, but I got very lost on my way there. I had to turn around several times before I finally found the church. I showed up a…fter the store closed, but since I had only one child to shop for, they decided to let me go ahead. As soon as I walked in, there it was on the table: an iPod! For $12! This is what my son has wanted for years! I was late. I missed the place and missed my appointment … but this was the one thing my son has been asking for. Today, this was about God. He did His job, and I thank Him so much.”