Outreach Community Ministries and its partner churches are dedicated to offering a full range of human service, educational, community development and faith activities. These activities help people and the communities they live in realize their God-given potential as uniquely gifted individuals; in their family and community relationships; and in the relationship that they can have with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

The activities and services of Outreach are available to all residents in the communities where we serve, without regard for income, race, culture, gender, religion or handicap of the participants. Some activities, because of their specific purpose and goals, are limited by age, gender or ability.

Our community services vary by site. They are developed in response to local needs and resources. We group our services in five categories:

Family Stabilization

  • Case Management
  • Counseling
    • Individual, Couple and Family Therapy
    • Adolescent Services
    • Psychological Testing
    • Youth-in-Crisis Intervention Services
  • Older Adult Services

Youth Development

  • After-School and Summer School Programs (1st-12th Grade)
  • Tutoring Services and Mentoring Programs (Ages 11-17)
  • College Opportunity Program
    • Student Achievement Leadership Program (High School)
    • College and Vocational Scholarships (College & Young Adults)

Transitional Housing

  • Foster Care for Single Women (Ages 17-21)
  • Jubilee Village: Transitional Housing for Single Mothers (Ages 18-22)

Employment & Career Opportunities

  • Summer Youth Employment
  • Employment Opportunity Center for Young Adults

Community Development

  • Community Events
  • Church Consultation