Outreach values bringing residents together to build a sense of community and to celebrate significant dates.

The Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream serves a diverse, dynamic and important neighborhood. The community outreach there focuses its service on all 2,500 apartment units located in the neighborhood. The Center hosts several events throughout the year which promote and encourage connectedness and involvement. These events are also wonderful avenues for the local church to serve and connect with people. Events include a Community Barbecue, held on the same night as National Night Out Against Crime; the Christmas Store, providing affordable gifts for parents to purchase for their children; and the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.

Warrenville Youth & Family Services serves its local community through participation in the Warrenville Persons in Ministry group, which established the Local Emergency Assistance Fund to supply financial assistance to people who come to the site in financial distress. This site is also involvedĀ in Warrenville’s July Fourth celebration, organizes a Back-to-School Block Party and participates in National Night Out.

These are just a sampling of ways Outreach connects with the local neighborhoods it serves.