Outreach Community Ministries is a multi-site, community service organization. Outreach developed each of its neighborhood resource centers in partnership with local churches. The centers are designed to stabilize families who are vulnerable and give at-risk children and youth opportunities to grow and develop into healthy adults—all in a faith-based setting.

In 1984, Outreach was the first organization in DuPage County to introduce its neighborhood-based service model into communities where youth and families are vulnerable. Today, we sponsor or support five of the most comprehensive youth and family resource centers in Chicago’s western suburbs.

The first step in our community development process is to position our programs, services and resources in the neighborhoods and communities where the needs are greatest and access to resources is limited. We walk alongside the children and families we serve, restoring hope and providing opportunities through meaningful relationships characterized by compassion, encouragement and individual development.

We use key development principles when establishing our community sites:

  • We identify the strongest felt needs of the most vulnerable residents in the community.
  • We partner with local churches connecting with their leadership networks, volunteer resources and financial support.
  • We focus on prevention and early intervention service strategies wherever possible.
  • Our services support families, are relationship-based and are asset-based, building on people’s strengths.




Outreach currently operates three youth and family resource centers, each of which has a counseling center embedded within. We also work closely with church partners at two additional sites:

WYO is a comprehensive youth and family resource center specializing in work with at-risk teens and their parents and young adults who are homeless, including homeless young mothers. The center serves over 500 youth and families each year.

Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream

OCC is located in a neighborhood where incomes are modest and many families are in transition. The Center serves 1,500 residents each year including children, their families, other adults and senior citizens with a full array of services.

Warrenville Youth & Family Services

WYFS provides a mix of youth development and family stabilization services. It also has local outreach services with a special emphasis on services for the Hispanic community. WYFS serves over 400 youth, families and adults each year.

Puente del Pueblo

At Puente, Outreach works on behalf of and in partnership with Wheaton Bible Church. Puente is a neighborhood-based, Hispanic-oriented community resource center located in two apartment complexes in West Chicago. Over 250 children, youth and families are served.

York Community Resource Center

York Center is our newest site location, serving the Brandywine Neighborhood and the surrounding community in unincorporated Villa Park just southeast of Roosevelt Road and Meyers Road. Church partnerships will be at the center of this new site.