The JNS (Jubilee Neighborhood School) program at Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream (OCC) has had a busy summer! Below are some summer highlights:

-The summer program started with two weeks of a science program run by People’s Resource Center. The students learned about  weather, animals, magnets and more! They also conducted some fun experiments.

– The kids have field trips days to the pool and Klein Creek Farm, and had a sports day with the middle school program.

– Outreach staff ran a fun water day in mid-July.

– NFL player Corey Davis spoke to the kids about following their dreams and setting goals to accomplish hard things in life. The students were excited to hear from him.

The Jubilee Neighborhood School (JNS) is an educational program that partners with parents and schools to support academic achievement of 1st-5th grade students. Students are provided homework assistance, social activities and recreation plus optional Christian education. Fees are reasonable and many families qualify for scholarships. JNS is offered at Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream and Outreach Community Center at Villagebrook Apartments. The JNS Summer Day School is an eight-week program with four classes for elementary school students. Classroom activities include math and language arts, problem-solving activities, optional Christian education, physical education and recreation such as swimming and field trips.