Gunnar the therapy dog returns! Amy Miller, reading teacher at Johnson Elementary School in Warrenville and volunteer therapy dog trainer, recently brought her dog, Gunnar, back to the Warrenville Youth & Family Services (WYFS) Quest program to celebrate the fact that he passed his first certified therapy dog test. Amy first visited the program in August 2017 to help socialize Gunnar as a puppy, educate the students about dog behavior, and introduce the students to AAT (animal assisted therapy).

The kids were ecstatic to see Gunnar and celebrate his accomplishment, and enjoyed playing a game of kickball with Gunnar during his visit. One student said, “It’s cool to see a dog that has such an impact on people and that is able to help people. I wish I had a dog that could do that.”

Amy says that Quest helped Gunnar pass this test by providing exposure to people with different needs and helping him learn important skills. “I’m proud to have Quest be a part of Gunnar’s journey and I’m excited to see what the future holds,” she says.

The Quest youth program provides a structured and safe environment for junior high and early senior high youth who are at risk in the greater Warrenville area. Meeting after school and during the summer, Quest includes academic coaching, life skills training, recreation and community service projects.