Quest students were treated to some play time with a therapy dog during Warrenville Youth & Family Services’ summer youth program.

Volunteer therapy dog trainer Merv Kombrink brought in Rosie, an English lab, who works with children and regularly visits schools, hospitals and children with special needs. Merv taught the students various dog commands, and they took turns getting Rosie to sit, lay down, roll over and fetch.

Jen Tortorice, Quest summer teacher, came up with the idea to bring in the dog after therapy dogs visited her program at Aurora University. “I thought the Quest students would be able to learn something new and have fun interacting with a therapy dog,” she says.

Brian, a student leader, said, “I like the dog – she’s so cute and adorable. And I like that she’s trained to help others.”

Ana, a student, said, “I like how sweet she is and it’s so fun to play with her and pet her. I knew a little bit about therapy dogs but I learned more today. It’s really cool.”

Everyone enjoyed the visit; Rosie had so much fun with the Quest students that Merv gave her a break because she was getting overheated!