The OCC-Villagebrook Teen Council, Villagebrook’s high school leadership team, decided to do a service project for the month of October: planning and implementing Halloween activities for their younger neighbors (1st – 3rd grade) in the OCC-Villagebrook classroom. Villagebrook Program Coordinator Marissa Sabio invited University of Illinois Extension Educator Jessica Gadowski to join council meetings, which included discussions about nutritious alternatives to snacks and spending several weeks planning the event.

Prior to the Halloween event, Teen Council set up four stations in the classroom: “Eyeball Toss,” “Guess the Body Part,” “Pizza Mummies,” and “Witch’s Pretzel Broom.” The evening ended with a short freeze-dance to “Monster Mash” and “Purple People Eater.” Non-candy prizes were awarded to all and kids were able to eat and/or take home their mummies and broomsticks.

The event was a great success; Marissa was pleased the Teen Council kids took the initiative to show kindness to the younger kids. “They worked really hard planning and preparing for each station,” she says. “They even timed how long they needed to demonstrate and help kids through each activity, and they nicely kept them on task the whole time.”

Marissa thanks Mary Lundeen, OCC-Villagebrook lead teacher, and Chantel Gamboa, OCC Superb Student Program coordinator, for their help and generosity with the use of their classroom and program time.