Outreach Community Center at Villagebrook Apartments in Carol Stream is having a busy and exciting spring!

On April 10 and 11, the Villagebrook Parent Council hosted free family portraits for Villagebrook residents. Special thanks to professional photographers Rachael Watson and Marr Miller, who volunteered their time and talents. According to Lathie Norton, Villagebrook Program Coordinator, professional photos were taken of 25 families, all who had a blast during their sessions. “We are so grateful to Rachael and Marr!” she adds. “The families were so touched by this generous gift, which will be cherished for years to come.”

On May 9, the Villagebrook Parent Council hosted a Mother’s Day Concert and lunch to celebrate moms and moms-in-spirit. At this fun event, kids from the community performed in a choir for their moms. Kimberly Verner, Villagebrook Lead Teacher, directed the choir and has been holding weekly practice sessions for the kids.

The main goal of the Villagebrook Parent Council is to build the relationship between Outreach Community Center and residents of Villagebrook Apartments, to promote a sense of shared community among residents of Villagebrook, and to connect Villagebrook Apartments to the wider community in which it resides.