Volunteer opportunities are available for a variety of programs at every Outreach site. Whether you’re making a difference in the life of a child through tutoring, greeting our clients at the front desk, joining a resale team or volunteering for a one-time special project, your time is a valuable investment in serving our community.

Outreach utilizes a thorough application and screening process to get to know our 600+ volunteers. In addition to completing an application, we ask permission to contact references and conduct a background check for those working directly with our program participants. For more information please contact Mindy Inman, director of volunteer services, via email or by calling 630.315.5906.

I enjoy working with the students and sharing in their learning.
Barbara, Tutoring Volunteer
I love teaching and love helping this particular population of kids.
Ellen, Tutoring Volunteer
I volunteer because this is my chance to give back to the community.
Bob, Tutoring Volunteer
I’m motivated to volunteer because it gives me the opportunity to give academic, emotional and spiritual encouragement to a child.
Debbie, Tutoring Volunteer
I like being with children and it gives me great satisfaction to see children progress and further their knowledge and I am happy to be able to help.
Maria, Tutoring Volunteer
I want to give the students I tutor help in school, and thus provide them opportunities to succeed in school and beyond.
Dinah, Tutoring Volunteer
I volunteer because I love kids and desire to provide them a space where they matter and their questions, opinions and struggles are heard.
Katey, Tutoring Volunteer
I volunteer to minister and serve outside the four walls of the church.
Dick, Tutoring Volunteer
I tutor to let students know that someone outside of their family cares about them and that academic success is vital to life.
Gary, Volunteer Tutor
I think it is important and extremely fundamental to help those in your community and I believe that Outreach provides these opportunities.
Yosan, Tutoring Volunteer
I enjoy being with the students, staff and other mentors. I came to “give back” but ended up getting much more than I could have ever thought!
Carol, Tutoring Volunteer

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