Warrenville Youth and Family Services Community Services Center

Warrenville Youth and Family Services (WYFS) is a community based program of Outreach Community Ministries. The Purpose of WYFS is to provide assistance to the residents of Warrenville and the surrounding communities in effectively dealing with a wide variety of personal, family and social concerns. Toward this purpose, the professional staff at WYFS provides individual, marital, family and group therapy, as well as consultation and referral services. WYFS also provides a variety of prevention and community education services.

Outreach Community Ministries is a Christian community service organization, striving to put Christian faith into responsible action. The organization has been called into existence by local churches to respond supportively to the needs of individuals and families. The organization is committed to providing excellence in human services and demonstrating compassion for the whole person. Outreach Community Ministries also offers services through Wheaton Youth Outreach (WYO) and the Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream (OCC).

Youth Services at WYFS

Quest is an after school program for middle school age youth from Warrenville and the surrounding communities. The program serves approximately thirty boys and girls, Monday through Friday, 9:30-4:30 PM. The program approaches the after school time through a holistic frame. As a result, the daily activities are varied and time is included for completing homework, life skills instruction, community service activities, free time and daily homeroom time. The goal of the program is to ensure that all participants are successful in their daily school life. Program staff works closely with the participant’s school day classroom teachers. An additional part of Quest services is a family education program for participants and their parents. Evening sessions include parent and youth activities designed to give parents and youth the skills to become more effective family units.

The Link mentoring program partners at-risk youth ages 10-17 with adult mentors who one-on-one with students to support their academic, social and emotional skill development.  The mentor matches meet one evening a week on-site at a WYFS partner facility where they can either do small group activities or work together one-on-one in a supervised environment.  A meal and conversation starters are provided.  Field trips are organized on a monthly basis with an emphasis on career or educational exposure.  Mentors, students and their families receive support from WYFS staff through on-going communication and training.

Responsibilities and Opportunities

The intern will become an integral part of the Quest and Link staff and will work along with them to:

  • Track participant progress using report cards, parent and teacher reports.
  • Provide tutoring in a variety of subjects.
  • Develop and nurture relationships with individual middle school participants.
  • Assist in creating, developing, refining and implementing life skill lessons and materials.
  • Implement discipline strategies and classroom management skills.
  • Assist in presenting family education activities.
  • Assist with planning and implementing mentoring activities and field trips.
  • MA or MSW level interns can be provided with additional leadership responsibilities.

Training and Supervision

The intern will receive experience in the overall working of a Christian, community based human services organization as well as the direct experience of a community based youth development program.  The intern will gain knowledge and experience addressing issues affecting youth and parents. Additional learning will include:

  • Experience in classroom management techniques;
  • Familiarity with cultural, environmental, economic and other issues that impact the academic development of at-risk students and specific ways to address these factors.
  • Curriculum development skills through research and writing;
  • Presentation skills through participation in life skills lessons and the family education program.

Supervision includes individual supervision weekly with the Quest Social Worker, and weekly Quest staff team meetings.


 BA or MA/MSW candidate in Education, Youth Ministry, Social Work or Related Field. Applicants must demonstrate a proclivity and desire for working with at-risk middle school age youth; a willingness to be flexible and adapt to a dynamic work setting. Applicants must be supportive of the agency’s statement of Mission and Faith.


 The Quest program runs Monday through Friday, August through May. Daily hours are 2:00 – 6:30 PM. Additional evening hours are scheduled for family education program and supervision. The Link Mentoring program runs Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30PM.  Internship hours will be flexible and can be negotiated to be consistent with the internship program’s requirements.