The annual WYFS Volunteer Appreciation Event was held on Monday, April 16 at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Warrenville. Warrenville Youth & Family Services and Discoveries Resale Store & Furniture Annex staff honored the volunteers by treating them to desserts, coffee and take-home thank you cookies in honor of their dedication.

Volunteers who have served for 5, 10 and 15 years received special awards to commemorate their hard work and service. WYFS Quest and LINK students welcomed guests as they arrived and were quick to help serve those who have given time and talents to their programs.

“It was a privilege to honor and recognize our faithful volunteers, who dedicate their lives to WYFS,” said Angela Mains, director of Warrenville Youth & Family Services. “We are able to better serve and positively impact our community through these wonderful people, who are so giving of their time and talents. We are grateful for all the support and encouragement they provide to our students each year.”

“LINK is really fun and has helped me a lot. The program really got me closer to my mentor and has got me to know more people better. I admire how kind my mentor is and how she takes a lot of time to come meet with me.” -Jade, 13

Guests enjoyed a short program presented by Angela Mains; Donna Seiberlich, Discoveries store manager; Chris Ellerman, CEO of Outreach Community Ministries and Mindy Inman, director of volunteer services. After the program, guests were invited to play a short game, those with a blue tag under their chair were the winners of the table’s centerpiece.