York Community Resource Center, a multi-purpose neighborhood resource center serving residents in south Villa Park, is serving in a new location! The center recently moved to the Taiwanese Community Church in Lombard, and it celebrated by hosting an open house for parents and community members on Oct. 22.

Outreach plans to continue strengthening the programs and services at York. “One year into managing at York, we are continuing to work with community partners to ensure that the services offered match the needs in the community, and we are striving to grow the youth program,” says Vanessa Roth, Outreach’s Chief Operating Officer.

The youth program currently focuses on after-school tutoring for elementary students. “The program works with teachers from Stevenson and York Center Elementary Schools to ensure that tutoring matches each student’s individual needs,” says Vanessa. The program also includes homework assistance, social-emotional learning, recreation and snacks.

This summer, the all-day youth program will again be offered to both elementary and junior high students.

Residents in the surrounding community also find help in the form of York’s case management services. A dedicated case manager is now onsite, whose goal is to help individuals and families gain stability. Case management services include family needs assessment; referrals and linkage to other agencies for food, clothing, housing, child care and legal matt­ers; job assistance and links to employment resources; home visits; and emergency financial assistance to help with rent, security deposits and utility bill payments.

“Over the last seven months, since its inception, case manager Zully Albornoz has made great strides in building relationships and creating awareness for our services in the greater Villa Park area,” says Vanessa. “We are already serving multiple families, and expect that number to climb significantly this year as we strive to meet the need in this community.”