Youth programs are thriving at York Community Resource Center! According to York Site Director Lathie Norton, 60 students have been served across elementary and junior high programs so far in FY18.

Lathie tells encouraging stories about students in the program:

  • Meredith Muir, elementary teacher, hosted a teacher open house with her elementary students. Seven teachers and one principal from York’s feeder elementary schools attended and several teachers shared positive comments about what the program does for their students.
  • One junior high student, after repeatedly getting into trouble for her behavior at the local park district, found York through a middle school front office administrator. Her mother wrote the following letter to York: “I like having my daughter in your program because unlike other programs, you and the teachers have done a great job with her. I like that instead of reprimanding her when she has done something wrong, someone talks her through what was right and wrong, giving her another perspective on the situation. It is so much more than just a place where she has to go after school. She’s learning life skills that will stick with her throughout their life. I’m so grateful to have you there.”
  • A junior high student nonchalantly asked, “So what will junior high (program) be doing next Monday?” as he realized there was a non-school attendance day approaching. His assumption that the program is always there for him on a day he doesn’t go to school was a sign to staff that it’s become an integral part of his life. This student also shared that the fact that staff waits for students at their bus stop in the cold winter weather each day to walk them back to the program site “shows you really love us.”
  • Another junior high student said, “You saved my grades!” He told us that the weekly grade check, homework help and consistent reminders to turn in homework had helped him academically.
  • One elementary student is learning coping skills for when she gets upset; instead of shutting down or becoming angry, she’s choosing other options and bouncing back to making positive choices. She earns a “reward task” every time she makes her positive choice. She is an expert sign-out sheet holder!
  • A junior high parent chose to join the parent leadership group because of the difference she saw in her daughter. “My daughter has gotten so much out of this program, I just have to do what I can to give back to it!” she said.

Lathie thanks everyone for supporting development at York and is excited about the future!

York Community Resource Center youth programs for elementary and junior high students combine academic performance, recreation and life skills activities. Academic assistance gives students the educational foundation they need and life skills classes teach students decision-making strategies, the importance of self-control, effective strategies for resolving conflict and how to succeed in life. Students also take part in community service projects.