Jubilee Furniture

Rowe Sofa and Loveseat

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You'll be seeing flower-patterned stars after cozying up with this Rowe couch and matching loveseat. Remember arm protectors, couch skirts, and The Beatles breaking up? Well, whether or not you do, sitting in either of these colorful beauties will transport you a few decades past (and you'll never want to leave).

Marble Top Dresser

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A beautiful marble slab tops this old-fashioned dresser with three vertical drawers. Unlock said drawers with a burnished skeleton key provided and you'll find early farmhouse quality interiors and ample space within a narrow frame. It's terribly solid and aged spectacularly well. Run your fingers across the speckled marble and breathe in its

Multi-use Cabinet/Stand

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Two sets of lockable drawers flank a long, sturdy middle on this piece. Let it stand as an entertainment center, a low-rising sofa table, or a place to set up your standing desk. How about a desk for the wee ones to scribble out their newest masterpieces? The potential is

Black Granite Bar


Meet your newest party and get-together staple. The granite countertop can house a whole fleet of guests and the sturdy chrome footrest lets them stay awhile in comfort. Feel like playing the bartender? Open up a few velvety-cushioned drawers for a slew of utilitarian features like a built in chopping block

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