Jubilee Furniture

Green and Gold Accented Mirror


Ornate carvings and a "vintage" green accent add up to one nice looking mirror.  If you were the creative type, and green doesn't match your decor,  you could paint that green border ivory...or red....or blue.  In very good condition and measures  30"W x 43"H x 2"D. Price: $35

Blue Chesterfield Couch


The curvy, classic lines let you know this is a Chesterfield style sofa. Light blue upholstery in a fan pattern is just as classic and timeless. This sofa is in very good condition, it could use a light cleaning along the front.  It measures 79"L x 30"D x 32"H.   

Rowe White Couch

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This sofa has nice lines and the neutral soft white/cream color means you can accessorize it with any color to match your decor.  It measures 86"L x 32"D x 33"H.  The condition is good, the cushions have some black dots towards the back.  But at this price, it's still a

Wood Coffee Table

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Solid and near unmovable, you’ll be able to rest a full charcuterie spread on this beautiful coffee table. The dark stain- almost a deep cherry- matches the grain perfectly. You’ll wish you had one in every room! Dimensions: 46”Lx33”D SALE Price: $56.25  

Danish Mid-Modern Cabinet (2 piece)

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Hallo, zie de prachtige moderne kast! (Dutch to English translation: Hello, come see this modern cabinet!). Straight from Danish sensibilities we have encountered this massive two-piece cabinet with enough storage to stuff your entire house into. A lovely yellow oak wood makes up the whole piece with sliding drawers, wide-swinging

Modern Grey Desk


Can you truly believe it? We're sitting pretty on 3, count 'em, 3 gorgeous grey desks. Balanced on chrome legs with chrome hardware, this neutral desk goes with everything and up for any task or challenge you can throw at it. When was the last time you upgraded from the stodgy

Sofa Table

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"Funky" doesn't do this fantastic sofa table justice. It's singular, unique, maybe even groovy, but not funky. And not only is it the perfect height and length to find a home behind a long couch, but the glass-topped chevron pattern will ensure clean lines on the wood no matter what you spill on

Vintage Oak File-Cabinet

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Crafted using wood from the sturdy oak, this filing cabinet will withstand the longest passage of time. 3 spacious drawers meant originally for hanging files, feel free to upcycle this piece into storage for books, memories, photos, candles- whatever you need on a daily basis can now be found with

TV Cabinet w/ Storage

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Not only meant to hold up televisions, this cabinet is quite the economical space-saver. Two screened doors open up to a boatload of storage space while the wood frame and top could house your succulent collection, the glass lamp you need to be secure due to an errant housecat, or turntable

Patio Renaissance Chair

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Ah, the Merchandise Mart, graciously allowing us to sell a fabulous Patio Renaissance chair. Everything’s a variation of grey, although anything but dull or muted. Two firm cushions in a gradient pattern rest atop a wicker seat/back and all the while floating between two powder-coated metal arms. And as luck

Marble Top Dresser

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A beautiful marble slab tops this old-fashioned dresser with three vertical drawers. Unlock said drawers with a burnished skeleton key provided and you'll find early farmhouse quality interiors and ample space within a narrow frame. It's terribly solid and aged spectacularly well. Run your fingers across the speckled marble and breathe in its

Oak Buffet

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Kept in great condition, this regal oak buffet comes to Jubilee Furniture with 2 large drawers and 2 side cabinets. Enjoy the musk and feel of the dark stained wood as well as the almost medieval filigree work. Large but not ungainly, this buffet has near a million uses for

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