Vintage & Antique

Vintage Oak File-Cabinet

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Crafted using wood from the sturdy oak, this filing cabinet will withstand the longest passage of time. 3 spacious drawers meant originally for hanging files, feel free to upcycle this piece into storage for books, memories, photos, candles- whatever you need on a daily basis can now be found with

Marble Top Dresser

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A beautiful marble slab tops this old-fashioned dresser with three vertical drawers. Unlock said drawers with a burnished skeleton key provided and you'll find early farmhouse quality interiors and ample space within a narrow frame. It's terribly solid and aged spectacularly well. Run your fingers across the speckled marble and breathe in its

Oak Buffet

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Kept in great condition, this regal oak buffet comes to Jubilee Furniture with 2 large drawers and 2 side cabinets. Enjoy the musk and feel of the dark stained wood as well as the almost medieval filigree work. Large but not ungainly, this buffet has near a million uses for

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